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14 k Gold and Sapphire Pendant for Him

US$250.00 Sapphire and 14 K Gold Pendant for him His & Hers Sapphire 14 K Yellow Gold Pendants made on request. We welcome your inquiries and requests. Leave us a message.

Source: 14 k Gold and Sapphire Pendant for Him


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14k White Gold and Corundum Star Sapphire Pendant


14k White Gold Pendant With a Corundum Star Sapphire. The stone is Natural and was not set into the Gold because the stone would lose its Luster


. Therefore the stone had to be stuck onto the metal with a special resin that Jewelers use. The life of the Resin (A type of Glue)can be a “lifetime” As long as the Pendant is not worn while the user is in Warm/Hot Water. This does not mean that Cold water will not have an effect on it. It is a delicate Piece of Jewelry and should treated as such. With Love and Care.

14 krt Yellow Gold Ring With .973 cts Sapphire

14 k Yellow Gold Ring. The Stone is Cornflower Blue Sapphire Weight=.973 cts. it is a Beauty The Perfect Engagement Ring.We can follow your design to produce the product you want if we are not able to do so we will let you know. Contact us with your design specs. visit our pages on Facebook:

Sapphire Ring3
Sapphire Ring

Solid Lightning Ridge Australian Opal, Number 35, Weight 2,75 carats Freeform


Rich Black Opal
Locality. Australia, Lightning Ridge Mines.

Free Form

2,75 carats

11,37 mm x 19,00 mm
0,45 in x 0,75 in

Color: Green, Blue Turquoise Purple and a little Grey. Transparent. This stone has beautiful soft and gentle colors and is freeform.